The 5 Best Roomba Robot Vacuums to Buy For Your Home in 2018


The famed company iRobot was founded by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and practically invented the robot vacuum category with their Roomba series of robotic vacuums.

Prospective buyers already know Roombas have the industry's best reputation for quality, navigation, and connectivity, but with the variety of options available how can you tell which one is right for you?  

We've done the legwork for you below, handpicking the best Roomba available for every budget and user need in 2017. One significant Cyber Monday price cut is still in effect, with the best deal we've ever seen still available on our Best Value Roomba.

Best Overall: iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

If you're looking for the best of the best and can afford the luxury price, the Roomba 980 is our top pick for best robot vacuum on the market.  It features brand new bells and whistles including the most intelligent navigation system released to date and an improved ability to clean carpet.

The Roomba 980 has intelligent iAdapt 2.0 multi-room navigation, which uses an embedded camera to build a 3D visual map of your home and create the most effective cleaning pattern while avoiding obstacles. 

Roomba has improved the already impressive air suction of the 650 and 860 Roombas with the 960's upgraded AeroForce 3-Stage cleaning system, along with a special Carpet Boost feature, which makes it a standout for heavy carpet cleaning and pet hair.  It will clean for 120+ minutes on high power and then recharge before resuming, and you can command its schedule and multi-room coverage via Wifi and iRobot's app. 

If money is no object, the Roomba 980 is the most high-tech robot vacuum we've seen, and a great choice for large homeowners or those who can afford the best. Check Amazon Price >>

Best Value Roomba: iRobot Roomba 690 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

The iRobot Roomba 690 is our best Roomba pick for most buyers and the newest in the best-selling 600 series due to its high quality cleaning power and navigation at a shockingly reasonable price.

The smart navigation feature set from the heralded robotic vacuum brand iRobot differentiates the Roomba 690 from competitors, allowing it to more effectively get into narrower spaces and avoid obstacles via advanced smart sensors.

The Roomba 690 cleans using a powerful 3-Stage system, and automatically recognizes and switches programs for various floor types like carpet, hardwood, tile and more. Other robot vacuums have trouble with different surfaces.

You can program the Roomba 690 to clean your home on a regular schedule, or make it clean at your command, all using iRobot's sophisticated app and wifi connectivity.  

The Roomba has thousands of happy buyers, with many gushing about its navigation and suction power. A few owners note that it will get stuck on occasion, which is a common occurrence with robot vacuums, but the reports are rare.  We think it's a terrific value at the bottom of the new Roomba price range.  Check Amazon Price >>

Best Roomba for Pet Hair: iRobot Roomba 890 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

The newly released Roomba 890 is our sleeper pick as the best Roomba for pet hair. It's a big step up from the Roomba 650 in its ability to suck up elusive dog and cat hair, but doesn't force you to pay extra for some of the higher-tech Roomba bells and whistles that you may not need.

The Roomba 890 features 5X the air power as the Roomba 650, which allows it to more effectively capture pet hair on hardwood floors. Unlike the 650, it has tangle-free debris extractors that keep it from clogging with too much animal or human hair.  It also features WiFi connectivity and advanced mobile app scheduling controls and automation.

The Roomba 890 isn't as advanced of a navigator as the premium 980, but it does everything you'll ever need to effectively clean up pet hair and comes in at a much lower price.  Check Amazon Price >>

Second Place, Best Overall: iRobot Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

The Roomba 960 is a slightly cheaper younger brother to the Roomba 980, with similar high-end navigation capabilities but less power on carpet and battery life for covering large homes.

The 960 features the same high-tech multi-room navigation and enhanced iRobot app as the 980 series, along with the equivalent nifty recharge and resume feature for longer cleans.

For a step down in price, you sacrifice two key features by opting for the 960: suction power, and battery life.  The 980 boasts 10X the max suction of the entry-level 650 series, while the 960 only offers 5X.  The 980 is the only Roomba to feature a special Carpet Boost mood for big messes on carpet.  The 960's battery life runs for 75 minutes on max power versus the 980's 120 minutes.

High-end buyers in small to medium-sized apartments without carpet may want to opt for the savings of the 960 over the 980.  We still prefer the 980 for most buyers looking for a premium robot vacuum, as it offers the best of the best on the market today. Check Amazon Price >>

Best for Mopping: iRobot Braava 380t Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Think of the iRobot 380t Braava as less of a traditional Roomba robot vacuum and more of a robot swiffer for your hard floors. This flagship mopping machine from iRobot doesn't actually go by the Roomba name but will make sure that your floors are gleaming, so you don't have to walk around the house pushing a mop yourself.

The Braava 380t uses advanced GPS to map your home so it knows where it has cleaned, where it shouldn't, and where it still needs to go. It has both a dry sweep and damp mop mode, but the damp mode stands out.

You can attach a damp washable microfiber cleaning cloth or even a disposable Swiffer wet wipe, press go, and the Braava 380t will mop any hard surface including tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate. It includes a water tank to keep the mop pads damp for long cleans. Its three-inch profile means it can easily mop under furniture, couches and beds.

The iRobot Braava won't replace the need for an occasional intense manual mopping job, as small robots don't have enough power for serious grime, and it doesn't use heavy-duty liquid floor cleaners. It requires more interaction than a traditional Roomba, as you need to affix cleaning pads and set up the GPS seetings for each cleaning job.  If you're aware of these limitations, the iRobot Braava will keep your floors shiny and clean. Check Amazon Price >>

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